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Zac Chase
Biographical information
Full Name
Zachary Dor Chase
Zac (by everyone)
Resides In
Highland Park, Los Angeles
Physical Description
Hair Color
Light Brown
Eye Color
Personal Information
Jenny Parker (girlfriend)
Production Information
Portrayed By

Zachary Dor "Zac" Chase is one of the main characters in Adventures in Babysitting.

He is portrayed by Kevin Quinn.



This information is currently unknown.


In the movie, it is shown that Zac has brown eyes and brown hair.



Dominique Cassidy

Dominique Cassidy is Zac's friend. Dominique helped Zac with the car wash by passing out flyers and more. Zac asked Dominique to go to the concert with him and Dominique accepted that offer. During the concert, Dominique left early with her boyfriend due to unknown reasons, which it is left with Zac watching the concert by himself.


Jenny Parker

During the beginning of the movie, it is shown that Zac had a crush on Jenny since after when "Jenny" said that she is not interested since she hates concerts and it's so "juvenile", Zac got disappointed. When Jenny arrived at the car wash to let Zac wash her car, Zac said that it was closed.

After the concert, Zac was getting ready to leave when Jenny called out his name. Zac saw her and asked what she was doing. Jenny responded by saying that she was looking for him. Then, Zac said that she told him to get lost. Afterwards, Jenny explained the situation, which it is: Someone else had her phone. I would've said yes. Zac said, "You would." Jenny nodded and Zac came toward to where Jenny is. Zac then told her that Jenny looks beautiful and Jenny blushed and said thanks. Then, Jenny said she had to go, but Zac said that he would come with her. However, Jenny said to Zac that wasn't Dominique Cassidy with him, which Zac responded that she left early with her boyfriend. This caused Jenny to become surprised about that.

Then, Jenny's friend and kids that Jenny were babysitting (Lola, Emily, Katy, Trey, Bobby, and AJ) came toward to where Jenny and Zac are located at and Jenny introduced Zac to them after Zac helped Jenny get off the stage. Afterwards, Lola told Jenny that Helen called her and told her about the alarm going off, no one is answering the phone, the Cooper parents said that they were looking for their kids at the city jail, and Helen and Hal, which Jenny became worried about it and Jenny asked Zac to drive them to get Helen's car, which Zac said yes and drove them.

After when Jenny left the Coopers' house, Zac came and talked to Jenny. Jenny asked what he is doing here and Zac responded by saying that he came here to return Emily's headphone (even though he asked her to let him keep it) and see Jenny. Then, Emily said to Zac (at the window), "Ask her out." and Katy said to Jenny (at the window also), "Ask him out." Because of what they said, both Jenny and Zac asked each other out and they both said yes.


You look beautiful.
—Zac to Jenny
Sorry we're closed.
—Zac to Jenny


This information is currently unknown.


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