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About Me

Hi guys it's Jessica here! Im a AIB fan! I love this wiki it's fun! I will sometimes makes templates, recently I made a birthday template and a stub template. I am really helpfull , my favorite disney shows are: Austin and Ally I also watch Liv and Maddie, I also watch Violetta (it is a hispanic show on telemundo and E! but it was not on the english disney but there is a dub in english). I am hispanic so I speak spanish and english. TBH I kinda think summer is boring because I never have plans in summer. I hope you know how to read cursive because this is in cursive. Anyway, I was born in 2001 so im currently 15 but in Febuary 23,2017 I well be 16. Im going to be homeschooled after summer. Anyway, have a happy night/day :-)

I'm also ranked 3 on the leaderboard. I also ship Zenny and Jola.


I wear bold green eye conatcts, I have brown hair, I have tan skin, and my hair is medium long hair, my hair is curly.

Also the colors of my nnaild are sparkley blue and sparkely purple.


I like writing, art, painting my nails, writing in my diary, and read. and more :-) .


Im a dork, people say im adorkable (thats a good thing), Im a really helpfull, Bullies call me "goodie-2-shoes" (thats actually a good thing cause that means im not a bas person. A mean girl at my school calls me a "Apple" well thats confusing becauae I don't know what she means by that? Tbh sometimes my personality is weird.


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My favorite character is

My favorite character is

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My favorite character is

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My favorite character is

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My favorite character is

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My favorite character is

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My favorite character is

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My favorite movie is
Adventures in Babysitting!

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This user ships Zenny!
This user ships Jola!
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This user ships Trey and Jenny!

(I ship as friends though ;))