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My mom's a scientist.
—Trey to the planetarium guard
Trey Anderson
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Biographical information
Full Name
Trey Caruso Anderson
Trey (by everyone)
c. 2002 (age 14)
Resides In
Highland Park, Los Angeles
Anderson Household
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Hal Anderson (father)
Helen Anderson (mother)
AJ Anderson (sister)
Bobby Anderson (brother)
Jenny Parker (crush)
Emily Cooper (possible love interest)
Emily Cooper (possible girlfriend)
Katy Cooper
Lola Perez (babysitter)
Rock Music
Emily (possibly)
Psychic Rockets
Sneaking Out of the House
Disobey the Rules
Pull Pranks
Production Information
First Appearance
Portrayed By

Trey Caruso Anderson is one of the main characters in Adventures in Babysitting.

He is portrayed by Max Gecowets.



Trey is just a regular boy but with a fun, adventurous, and edgy side just like Emily.


He has black hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue shirt with a black jacket over it. He wears light blue jeans with black and white sneakers. He is considered to be'cute or handsome' by Emily.



AJ Anderson


AJ is Trey's sister.

Bobby Anderson


Bobby is Trey's brother.

Helen Anderson


Helen is Trey's mother and Helen and Trey had an okay mother-son relationship. In the movie, it is shown that Trey had used Helen's credit card to purchased something that cost over $200 and Helen found out about it. When Helen found out about it, she took every electronic devices that belonged to Trey and ground him for doing that. Also, Helen told Trey that he needs to be more responsible. However, Trey didn't listen to her, which he sneaked out of the house to go to the Psychic Rockets concert and eat pizza with his friends at Mario's.

Hal Anderson


Hal is Trey's father.


Jenny Parker

(Friend; Crush)

In the movie, Adventures in Babysitting, it is shown that Trey had a crush on Jenny, which is further encouraged by his friends. Trey would always make sure that Jenny would sit at a clean spot as shown in the movie where Trey used his clothes and lay it on a certain spot of the bench so that Jenny could sit on that. Unfortunately, instead of Jenny sitting on that spot, Katy is the one that sat there instead. However, Jenny doesn't return that same feeling since Jenny had a crush on Zac, not Trey.

Lola Perez

Trey's existence is completely unknown to Lola until Emily asks about his mysterious absence when, Jenny drives her and Katy to the Anderson house.

Emily Cooper

(Friend; Possible Crush)

In the movie, Adventures in Babysitting, it is shown that Emily had a crush on Trey, but Trey doesn't feel the same way as Emily felt toward Trey. Later on in the movie, it is shown that Trey might have to develop feelings for Emily when he said that Emily is "pretty cool." Also, this was also shown at the end of the movie when Trey looked at the picture of him and Emily that Lola had sent to him


This information is currently unknown.


  • He is the oldest child in the Anderson family.
  • He has a crush on Jenny
  • Possibly has crush on Emily.


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