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Trey Anderson and Emily Cooper


Love Interests


Trey and Jenny (relationship)

Portrayed by

Max Gecowets and Nikki Hahn

Trey and Emily are good friends and possibly crushes. They're portrayed by  Max Gecowets and Nikki Hahn.

Relationship History

Emily has a crush on Trey. She may have gotten a tattoo and dyed her hair to impress him. It is unknown if Trey has a crush on Emily. They are both irresponsible because Emily died her hair and got a tattoo and Trey snuck out to a concert. They both become more responsible and are told to watch Bobby and AJ together. They smile at each other a lot.

Other Names

  • Tremily (Tre/y and E/mily)
  • Emey (Em/ily and Tr/ey)


Adventures in Babysitting

  • Emily hears they're going to the Anderson's and she says Trey's name.
  • Emily smiles as she says "Trey Anderson."
  • Trey looks at Emily as he sneaks out.
  • When Trey is missing, Emily asks where he is.
  • Emily looks in Trey's room for him.
  • Emily looks shocked when she sees Trey's window is open.
  • Emily volunteers to go to the city to help find Trey possibly because she is worried about him.
  • Emily tells Jenny that Trey likes to go to the Mario's.
  • Trey tells Emily that she is actually pretty cool.
  • Trey tells Emily that her music is what makes her boring.
  • Emily and Trey both playfully punch each other's arms.

Similarities and Differences


  • Emily and Trey both break rules/irresponsible.
  • Both Emily and Trey started to become more responsible as the movie progressed.
  • Both Emily and Trey have brown eyes.
  • Both Emily and Trey have brownish-blackish hair.
  • they both watched Aj and Bobby while Katy give Jenny a makeover
  • there both 14 years old


  • Emily dyes her hair while Trey doesn't.
  • Trey would sneak out of the house while Emily doesn't.
  • Emily gets a tattoo while Trey doesn't.


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Adventures in Babysitting


This information is currently unknown.


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