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Officer Fitz
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Officer Fitz
Officer Fitz (by everyone)
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Highland Park, Los Angeles
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People doing illegal things
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 Officer Fitz is one of the supporting characters in Adventures in Babysitting.

He is portrayed by Sean Tyson.


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Officer James


Female Officer


Lola Perez

Officer Fitz met Lola when she is trying to sell Trey's concert ticket to others and Officer Fitz saw that illegal action, which he approached her. When he approached her, he told her that selling tickets outside of venue was illegal. Lola said that she was trying to "donate" the ticket to someone that wanted one. Then, Officer Fitz said that she was trying to bribe him, which Lola replied that she's not doing that, which Officer Fitz ended up taking Lola to jail. When Lola is at jail, Officer Fitz is trying to ask her what was going on and Lola told him about Tiny, The Scalper, and the ferret. Officer Fitz didn't really believed her, so he said that she do realize that lying to a police officer is also a crime, which Lola said that she wasn't lying at all. Because of that, Lola ended up staying in the jail for a while. Later on, Lola tried to apologize to Officer Fitz and tried to get out of the police station, but Officer Fitz said that she had more than a few violations, which Lola said that it is just parking tickets, not bank robberies. Then, Officer James came and helped Officer Fitz take care of the case.


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The tow truck that Trixie drove was a 1987-1991 Ford F-Series Super Duty, a heavier version of the F-350.



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