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Lola Perez
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Biographical information
Full Name
Lola Hayley Kerry Perez
Lola (by everyone)
August 5, 1997 (age 19)
Student (formerly)
Resides In
Highland Park, Los Angeles
Physical Description
Hair Color
Dark brown
Eye Color
Personal Information
Hillary (Mom) Donny (Dad)
Officer James (boyfriend)
Officer James
Leon Vasquez
Psychic Rockets
Production Information
Portrayed By
It's always time for is spontaneous!
—Lola to Jenny

Lola Hayley Kerry Perez is one of the main protagonists in Adventures in Babysitting. She is an irresponsible but intelligent 19 year old girl, who has a passion for photography!

She is portrayed by Sofia Carson.



Lola is the outside-of-the-box, free-spirited type of girl that have a passion for art and photography. Lola is fierce and bold, and would encourage people to express themselves and to show their true selves. For example, when Emily asked Lola if she could get a tattoo, Lola said yes and allowed her to express herself. Lola loves to just let go and have a good time. Lola likes taking the easy way out of things...even if it means getting a little visit by the cops. Lola is a very go with the flow kind of girl who doesn't care what anyone thinks. Her passion for photography is very strong and she really has night confidence referring herself to a true artist.


In the movie, Lola is physically shown to be a beautiful young woman of adolescent age. She has a round-shaped face, a fair skin complexion, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair that falls past her shoulders. She usually wear edgy types of clothing, along with many accessories.


This information is currently unknown.



Jenny Parker

(Classmate; Former Rival; Best Friend) 

At first, Jenny and Lola were classmates even though they don't remember seeing each other until during the photography internship ( beginning of the movie), Lola mentioned that Jenny is the "nerdy sophomore in her geometry class." even though Jenny claimed that she's not nerdy - instead, she's dedicated. Jenny was also Lola's babysitting rival during the beginning of the movie. They have a bitter relationship at the beginning of the movie due to the fact that they were both finalist for the photography internship and Lola is not babysitting the kids in a proper way since she was sitting in the pool when a fire had broken out in the Anderson House. Her, Jenny and the kids go on a wild adventure in the city due to the fact that Trey sneaked out into the city to watch a concert with his friends. However, as the movie progressed, they seem to grow closer and closer and they eventually become best friends. At the end of the movie, Jenny gave up her internship for Lola. 

AJ Anderson

AJ is one of the kids that Lola had to look after. AJ is also Lola's friend. At the beginning of the movie, AJ and Lola didn't seem to get along at all. For example, when Lola is trying to knock the door to get into the Andersons' house, AJ opened the door and Lola said, "What's up, dude? You're so cute." and AJ slammed the door at her. However, AJ's mom, Helen, would later on opened that door and let her in. During the time when Lola is babysitting, AJ doesn't seem to like her since she is not being a good and responsible babysitter as shown where Lola said to get her camera from her car to take a picture of the mess that Bobby created (since he started a fire in the kitchen) instead of cleaning up the mess. This lead to AJ telling Jenny about this mess, which caused Jenny, Emily, and Katy to come over to the Andersons' house. As Jenny, Emily, and Katy get to the Andersons' house, Lola got locked out of the house again by AJ and Bobby, which caused Lola to not be able to get into the house and she ended up being yelled at by Jenny from outside of the Andersons' house to inside of the house.

Later on in the movie, AJ and Lola seemed to be getting along, which they eventually became friends at the end of the movie.

Bobby Anderson

Bobby is one of the kids that Lola had to look after.

Trey Anderson

Trey is one of the kids that Lola had to look after. However, she was unaware of his existence when, Jenny drove to the Anderson house with Emily and Katy and Emily asks about his mysterious absence.

Emily Cooper

Emily is one of the kids that Lola helped Jenny look after while in the city.

Katy Cooper

Katy is one of the kids that Lola helped Jenny look after while in the city. After Lola was bailed from jail by Officer James, Katy seemed happy and relieved that Lola was okay, running to embrace her as Lola entered the room.


Officer James


Lola first met Officer James when he was giving her a traffic ticket since Lola parked at the loading zone. Lola tried to convince him that she was unloading portfolios for an art internship. When the ringtone of Fur Elise by Beethoven rang from Lola's purse, she was confused until she realized that Jenny and her had swapped phones. Officer James was intrigued by her ringtone, stating that Fur Elise is one of his favorites. Lola ended up rejecting Zac Chase's invite (thinking Lola is Jenny) to the concert. Officer James told Lola that he is a just a rookie and he still gave her the traffic ticket. When he gave Lola the traffic ticket, he told her that she is a smart girl and she could figure out what to do. When Lola was arrested and brought to the police station, Officer James bails her out and gives her some advice on responsibility. At the end of the movie, Officer James returns Lola's drivers license (which Lola left at the police station) and asks her out on a date.


It's true, I lie but nobody died. And these kids are having a ride
—Lola in the rap battle
You want to know what I was doing with my hand when I was seven?
—Lola to Katy
That kid that snuck out, I didn't had no clue.
We ain't no quitters...We're the babysitters.
Jenny and Lola
There are moments in life you have to take risk and go for it
—Lola to Jenny
Hey Taxi!!! Taxi!
*sigh* that was awesome.
Life isn't fair, kid.
—Lola to Trey
I was unloading this super heavy portfolio for this very prestigious art internship. I'm sure if you just talked to Mr. Vasquez.
—Lola to Officer James
What? No. Boyfriend? What boyfriend?
—Lola to Officer James
No. There's no boyfriend. TOTALLY single.
—Lola to Officer James
Careful, mine's still wet.
—Lola to Douglas
Relax, girlfriend, I'm just trying to help.
—Lola to Jenny
Hi! You guys are home so soon!
—Lola to Helen and Hal
Couldn't be better.
—Lola to Helen and Hal
I really am an artist. And I really am a good photographer. And I'm really sorry that I lied to you, but you're kinda sorta of super cute.
—Lola to Officer James
Okay, seriously you need to take a night off.
—Lola to Officer James
—Lola to Officer James
Hi I'm Lola Perez. Could you let Mr. Vasquez know I'm here? Thanks I'd appreciate it.
—Lola to Jenny
Sorry I didn't mean for anything.
—Lola to Jenny
Guys, the... the bad guys found us. They're here!
—Lola to Jenny and the kids
Ice cream!
Everyone Duck And Take Cover.
Sorry Zac, not interested. Bye.
—Lola to Zac


  • She doesn't know how to wear high heels.
  • She drives a blue Jeep Wrangler made between 1997 and 2006, with a color splattered grille, and fake eyelashes over the headlights.
  • She has a HUGE passion for art and photography.
  • She is 19 years old.
  • Lola has no experience in babysitting.


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