Lexi Parker

Hey guys so this is my friend Lexi again Parker is not her real last name Name:Lexi age:12 likes:cartoons dislikes: being in one off the largest middle schools in the world (ok maybe world is a joke but it’s pretty big ) start the story at the Cooper and then the Andersons and then the car Lola:ok we just got past by a bike Jenny:i’m not adding a ticket in to this mess time skip to when they find Trey Katy:Jenny I really have to go to the bathroom Jenny:ok everybody stay here and nobody move Lexi:so Emily where are you going Emily:I am not telling you Jenny:Lola where are the kids Lola:I don’t now arouded Jenny:arouded babysitting rule #1 never take your eyes off the kids I see Aj Bobby Lexi Trey where’s Emily Lola:she’s getting a tattoo Jenny:I am sorry getting what Lola:a tattoo Jenny:Emily are you ok please tell me you did not get a tattoo Emily:what it’s henna the guy did it for free cause he liked my arua cool right Lola:super cool Jenny:so not super cool so not super cool how could you do that with out asking me Emily:asked Lola Lola:she did Jenny:Lola Lola is nobody ok you can’t just leave like that I am takeing care of you and stoping could have happed to you and that better come off with soap and water Bobby:Jenny Jenny:what Bobby Bobby:don’t let them get me Trey:why are the pawn shop guys ather us Lexi: Bobby stole candy Trey:so give it back Bobby:I can’t I eat some of it let’s skip to the gala Jenny:ok Lexi Emily and Trey watch Katy Aj and Bobby where is Bobby Lola:it’s fine just let him be Jenny:ok Lexi Emily Trey watch Katy and Aj Katy:I want to come to the party to Jenny:no Katy you can’t do you rember watch my mommys fancy coat looks like Jenny:your good Lexi Emily Trey watch Aj Trey:oh no problem she’s all ready a sleep (time skip) Aj wake up time skip to the cocent Lola:Trey Lexi Emily watch Aj and Bobby and nobody move

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