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Jenny Parker
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Biographical information
Full Name
Jenny Addison Parker
Jenny (by everyone)
Jen (by Lola)
July 25, 2000 (age 19 or 20)
Resides In
Highland Park, Los Angeles
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Dark Blue
Personal Information
Zac Chase (boyfriend)
being responsible
Being called "nerdy"
Lola being irresponsible
Lola Perez (formerly)
Production Information
Portrayed By
Don't mess with the babysitter.
—Jenny to Trixie

Jenny Addison Parker is one of the main protagonists in Adventures in Babysitting. She is a responsible, smart teenage girl of 19 or 20 years of age and is never in trouble!

She is portrayed by Sabrina Carpenter.


Jenny is the perfect inside-the lines, straight-laced girl. Jenny is also overachiever, which Jenny would dress perfectly where she would have perfect hair, makeup, and style. Jenny is smart since she skipped 8th Grade, get straight As, and manage to get a 4.0 GPA.

Jenny is also really funny. Besides that, Jenny is responsible and dependable since when she babysits Emily, Katy, Trey, Bobby, and AJ, she made sure that none of the kids had gone missing and more. Jenny would always play it safe since, during the time when she is driving to the city to get Trey, she made sure that she would drive the car slowly and safely, and she would make sure that the car won't get dirty.

Jenny is uptight since when someone called "her" on the phone, she would get anxious or angry in a tense and overly controlled way. Jenny is responsible and caring since she always followed the babysitting rules, and she made sure that no kids had gone missing. Because of that, it is shown that she is an experienced babysitter since she knows all the babysitting rules, and know what she was supposed to do. Jenny is a very neat and organized girl since she always makes sure that everything looks perfect (including her looks). Jenny has her life all planned out. She likes everything just to be perfect. If it's not, well you already know what could happen. Jenny's personality is the complete opposite of Lola, her babysitting rival and later best friend.



This information is currently unknown.


This information is currently unknown.

Physical Appearance

Jenny has long blonde hair which she usually wears in a ponytail, but she would occasionally let her hair loose. She also has dark blue eyes. Jenny wears a tan coat, pink shirt, and jeans during the movie.



Lola Perez

(Classmate; Former Rival; Best Friend) 

At first, Jenny and Lola were classmates even though they don't remember seeing each other until during the photography internship (aka beginning of the movie), Lola mentioned that Jenny is the "nerdy sophomore in her geometry class." even though Jenny claimed that she's not nerdy - instead, she's dedicated. Lola was also Jenny's babysitting rival at the beginning of the movie. They have a bitter relationship at the beginning of the movie due to the fact that they were both finalists for the photography internship and Lola is not babysitting the kids in a proper way since she was sitting in the pool when a fire had broken out in the Anderson House. Jenny and the kids went on a wild adventure in the city due to the fact that Trey sneaked out into the city to watch a concert with his friends. However, as the movie progressed, they seem to grow closer and closer and they eventually become best friends.

Emily Cooper

Emily is one of the kids that Jenny had to look after.

Katy Cooper

Katy is one of the kids that Jenny had to look after.

AJ Anderson

AJ is a kid that Jenny has looked after in the past, until Lola volunteered as a substitute claiming that Jenny recommended her.

Bobby Anderson

Bobby is a kid that Jenny has looked after in the past, until Lola volunteered as a substitute claiming that Jenny recommended her.

Trey Anderson

In the movie, Adventures in Babysitting, it is shown that Trey had a crush on Jenny. Trey would always make sure that Jenny would sit at a clean spot as shown in the movie where Trey used his clothes and lay it on a certain spot of the bench so that Jenny could sit on that. Unfortunately, instead of Jenny sitting on that spot, Katy is the one that sat there instead. However, Jenny doesn't return that same feeling since Jenny had a crush on Zac, not Trey.


Zac Chase


During the beginning of the movie, it is shown that Jenny had a crush on Zac since after when Zac told Jenny to stop by at the car wash, Jenny said this, "Oh my gosh. Zac Chase wants to polish my tires." However, when Jenny arrived at the car wash, Zac told her that "Sorry, we're closed." This caused Jenny to become disappointed about it. The reason why Zac ended up saying that was because when Zac called Jenny on the phone, it was Lola who answered it (since Jenny and Lola got their phone switched) and Lola said that she is not interested since she hates concerts and it's so "juvenile."

Later on, Lola told Jenny that Zac invited her to a concert and Lola said no to it. Because of what Lola said, Jenny got mad about it. However, Lola insisted that Jenny should still go to the concert. When they arrived, Jenny got a makeover by Katy and Lola, but because of that makeover, the concert already ended and Jenny thought that there's no way that she could find Zac. Lola then told her to still go find Zac and Jenny started to look for Zac and calling out his name. Zac saw Jenny and asked her what she was doing. Jenny responded by saying that she was looking for him. Then, Zac said that she told him to get lost. Afterwards, Jenny explained the situation, which it is: Someone else had her phone. I would've said yes. Zac said, "You would." Jenny nodded and Zac came toward to where Jenny is. Zac then told her that Jenny looks beautiful and Jenny blushed and said thanks. Then, Jenny said she had to go, but Zac said that he would come with her. However, Jenny said to Zac that wasn't Dominique Cassidy with him, which Zac responded that she left early with her boyfriend. This caused Jenny to become surprised about that.

Then, Lola and the kids came toward to where Jenny and Zac are located at and Jenny introduced Zac to them after Zac helped Jenny get off the stage. Afterwards, Lola told Jenny that Helen called her and told her about the alarm going off, no one is answering the phone, the Cooper parents said that they were looking for their kids at the city jail, and Helen and Hal, which Jenny became worried about it and Jenny asked Zac to drive them to get Helen's car, so that Jenny, Lola, and the kids could get back to their home and act like nothing bad happened.

After when Jenny left the Coopers' house, Zac came and talked to Jenny. Jenny asked what he is doing here and Zac responded by saying that he came here to return Emily's headphone (even though he asked her to let him keep it) and see Jenny. Then, Emily said to Zac (at the window), "Ask her out." and Katy said to Jenny (at the window also), "Ask him out." Because of what they said, both Jenny and Zac asked each other out and they both said yes.


Dominique Cassidy

Jenny and Dominique met when Zac happened to accidentally got bumped by Jenny when Jenny is trying to drive to the internship. When they met, Dominique waved her hands to say hi to Jenny and Jenny replied by nodding at her since Jenny is too busy talking to Zac during that moment. Dominique and Jenny didn't really interact as much during the movie due to the fact that Dominique and Zac were busy with the car wash and Jenny had to babysit the Cooper kids.


You are smart, you are talented, just do your best and stay calm!
—Jenny to herself
Oh my gosh. Zac Chase wants to polish my tires.
—Jenny ather getting an invent for Zac Chase car wash
I'm not nerdy...I'm dedicated!
—Jenny to Lola
Rule number one of babysitting never take your eyes off the kids, ever!
—Jenny to Lola
I'm not your girlfriend, I'm not your friend!
—Jenny to Lola
We ain't quitters...We're the babysitters.
—Jenny and Lola
Oh I forgot to tell you. I sort of babysitting.
—Jenny to Zac
Hey Zac! Dirty tires as requested!
—Jenny to Zac
I'll guard them with my life.
—Jenny to Donna
The car got towed - all because she's a liar!
—Jenny in rap battle
Green hair?
—Jenny to Emily


  • She skipped eighth grade.
  • She gets $20 per hour to babysit.
  • She gets paid double the amount of money she gets for babysit during the holidays.
  • Her ringtone is Fur Elise by Beethoven.
  • She is applying for college and trying to achieve a good transcript
  • She drives a third generation Toyota Prius.
  • She is 19 years old.


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