Hey guys so I got my turn to be in Adventures in Babysitting and I think my friend Gabrila should really get a turn ps in real her Mom doesn’t even money for gas and I really hope you don’t make fun of her she is really nice and I feel really bad for her so I can’t wight for her to she this it will make her so happy anyways let’s just get on with the story oh and also Copper is not her real last name I am just making her a 3rd Copper sister Name Gabriela age 10 Likes haveing fun in the city Dislikes In real life she dislikes haveing a mom that dose not have money for gas but in this story her family has money for gas lets start the story at the Andrson’s house ok now there all in the car Lola:ok we just got passed by a bike Jenny:I am not adding a ticket into this mess lets skip to when they find Trey Katy:Jenny I really have to go to the bathroom Jenny: ok every one stay here and don’t move Emily:I am going to get a tattoo want to come with me (in this story Gabriela didnt get henna only in real life) Emily:where going to the tattoo place Lola: cool have fun Jenny:Lola where are the kids Lola:I don’t know arouded Jenny:arouded babysitting rule #1 never take your eyes off the kids I see Aj Bobby Trey where are Gabriela and Emily Lola:there getting tattoos Jenny:I sorry getting what Lola:tattoos Jenny:Gabriela Emily are you 2 ok please tell me you did not get tattoos Emily:what there henna the guy did it for free cause he liked my aura cool right Lola:super cool let me take are picture of your arms Jenny:so not super cool how could you 2 do that with out asking me Emily:we asked Lola Lola:they did Jenny:Lola Lola is nobody ok you can’t just wander off like that and thouse better come off with soap and water Bobby:Jenny Jenny:what Bobby Bobby:don’t let them get me Trey:why are the pawn shop guys ather us Gabriela: Bobby stole candy Trey: so give it back Bobby:I can’t I had some of it let’s skip to Lola selling the ticket Jenny are you sure this is a good idea Lola:yay people sell tickets all the time Jenny:ok we will just be here by this taco cart Bobby:oh Tacos maybe my cupcakes could use some heat Trey:here Jenny set on this Katy:thanks Trey so thoughtful Aj:she’s gone what a picture of this Jenny:oh no not the police let’s skip to the rap battle Jenny:hello my name is Jenny Parker and these kids are my crew where in alot of tobbler and I am not sure what to do see it all started when are phones made a switch Lola lied to the parnets she’s been a real witch the kid suckout the kiction cocth fire the car got towed all because she’s a lier Bobby:know these bad guys are runing ather us Katy:we amost just died Emily:me and my sister Gabriela got tattoos Lola:can you let that one slide Jenny:this girl (sorry I dont rember what Jenny said) Lola:hold it just a min that’s not a stirght socp this girls so uptight she’s tide in a loop Dj:oh looks like we got are self the battle of the babysitters Lola:let’s go back an hour or two the kid suck out I ain’t had a clue Trey:yay that’s ture Lola:ok I don’t follow rules I’m not good with kids I’m not good at school it wasn’t my plan to steila a car or end up in jail or take this fary it’s ture I lie but nobody’s died and these kids are haveing a great night (know that not word for word what Lola said but I don’t rember) your a cool girl Jenny but I’m pretty cool too in fact I’m just as great a babysitter as you Jenny:she’s right I’m smart and I do follower rules I work real hard and I care about school there’s a time for fun to let go and climb trees but I‘m a really artist everybody say cheese both Jenny and Lola:We anit no quitters where the babysitters let’s skip to the gala ok good Gabriela Emily Trey keep an eye on Katy Aj and Bobby where is Bobby Lola:it’s find let let him be there ok Gabriela Emily Trey watch Katy and Aj Katy:I want to come to the party too Jenny: Katy no you can’t Katy:do you rember what Mommy’s fancy coat looks like Jenny:your good Gabriela Emily Trey watch Aj Trey: oh no problem she’s already asleep (time skip) Aj wake up no let’s skip to the concert Lola:Trey Gabriela Emily watch Aj and Bobby and nobody move

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