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Emily Cooper
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Biographical information
Full Name
Emily Julia Cooper
Emily (by everyone)
2001-2001 (age 14)
Resides In
Highland Park, Los Angeles
Cooper Household
Physical Description
Hair Color
Black Hair (Before the Movie, Beginning of the Movie, End of the Movie)
Black Hair w/Green Highlights (During the Movie)
Eye Color
Personal Information
Barry Cooper (father)
Donna Cooper (mother)
Katy Cooper (sister)
Indie Music
Dying her Hair
Rap Battles
Having a babysitter
Annoying little sisters
Katy tattletaling over her
Being scolded
Production Information
Portrayed By
I got a tattoo.

Emily Julia Cooper is one of the main characters in Adventures in Babysitting. She is 14 years old and doesn't like being babysat. She has a little sister, Katy.

She is portrayed by Nikki Hahn.



Emily is a regular girl that have an edgy, adventurous, and fun side. Emily Cooper is an introverted, independent teen who loves two things; Emo music and the bad boy, Trey Anderson. Because of the fact that she had an introverted and independent personality, Emily would usually feel that she doesn’t feel like she needs a babysitter even though she don't have any choices.


As well with her edgy personality, she's just a girl. She has beautiful straight black hair from her mom's genetics, which she touched up with green highlights. She mostly looks like her mother with a little bit of her father.



Katy Cooper

(Younger Sister)

Katy is Emily's younger sister. They all have a good relationship but there is a little bit of drama as her sister tattletales on her most of the time. Some of the things that Katy would tattletale would be when Emily was about to shave her head. But overall, they have a good relationship.

Donna Cooper


Donna is Emily and Katy's mother. Her best friend is Helen (Trey's mother).

Barry Cooper


Barry is Emily and Katy's father.


Jenny Parker


As she sees that Trey is liking her own babysitter, jealous roams on top of her head, but in the end, they become real friends when she sees that she doesn't need a boy to keep her happy.

Lola Perez

Emily feels she's too old for a babysitter, but when she becomes convinced that Trey Anderson is more attracted to Jenny she tries to use Lola against her. In one notable incident, when Jenny trashes Lola in the rap battle, she encourages her to go onstage and trash Jenny, convinced that she can do way better.

Trey Anderson


As many people all watched, Adventures in Babysitting. Trey is Emily's most known crush, as she get jealous of Jenny when Trey and his "gang" saying, "He should go for it" making Emily a bit jealous. However during the movie, they grow closer and closer to each other, which it is shown that they might possibly like each other.


Because I'm...Boring!
—Emily to Trey
Yours is boring! *laughs*
—Emily to Trey


  • Emily is the oldest child in the Cooper family.
  • She has a huge crush on Trey Anderson.
  • She hates being babysat.
  • She likes indie and emo music.


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