Adventures in Babysitting Wiki

Hi guys I just wanted to rewirte Adventures in Babysitting to make my self Lola’s little sister ps Perez is not my real last name

name Alicia Age 11 likes raps hanging out with her friends dislikes being sad

Lola:come on let’s go (we get in the Jeep and go to the photograph inter ship then we get to the Andsons house) Lola:hey little dude what’s your name your so cute Aj:I don’t like you but you can come in Aj close the door Helan:hey who are you Alicia: I am Lola’s little sister Alicia Lola’s here to babysit your daughter closed the door on her Helena:oh Alison why did you do that yes come in I see you have allready meet Alison she is upset because of a roller debe game this Bobby he needs to make a hunder cupcakes and Trey,s upstares in his room gronded Alicia ok so now that your moms gone what do want to do no one ok how about we play Monopoly Bobby:no thanks I am just going to get back to my cupcakes Alicia:but white Bobby your mom said the you couldnt use the stove and look now you started a fire it’s ok I can put it out ok where done Jenny:this is going to take fover to clane up Lola:yay so you kids better get started Bobby:us Alicia:it’s ok I can chane it up Emily:where’s Trey Lola:who’s Trey Alicia when off the kids your sould be Babysitting I am 11 and I am haveing to do all the work here Jenny:he is looking for tickets online how could you let a 14 Year old kid sneak out into the city ( I am skiping to the part where where all in the car) Lola:ok we just got passed by a bicycle Jenny:I am not adding a ticket and stoled Car in to this mess Alicia:I am pretty sure you can get a ticket for divering to slow Bobby:can we stop at the super market Jenny:no I told you where going to get Trey and then where heading string home Alicia: wow you want to stop at a super market Katy:Jenny Jenny: oh Katy why didn’t you go before we leved Katy:because I didnt have to go before we leved obviosly Lola:it’s ok I can take her Jenny babysitting rule #2 leve no child bhide Alicia: you know I can just take her come on Katy is there even a bathroom here Tiny:no we don’t have a bathroom here Alicia: sorry Katy theres no bathroom here Jenny the car is parked in a loading zone ok will I just going to look auroded store then I was trying to tell you the car was parked in a loading zone Jenny:great we just have no money no Trey and we need hurder bucks by mindenight Emily:what about the ice cream money Lola:what are you going to do with 10 dollers Jenny with I say I bus stop not far from here we can take the bus to Mairos and by then see what to do next Aj:where did you get the candy Bobby: from the pown shop Jenny:Bobby you took candy from a stanger Alicia: it’s ok he hasn’t open it yet you guys go find the bus stop I will go back to the pawn shop and return the candy Alicia look you can stop chacseing them I have the candy bar it’s not even opened Tiny:oh forget the candy we don’t want the candy we want your sisters camera Alicia:ok Jenny: oh there you are its fine Alicia:we can just get on the bus Katy:Jenny I releneed need To go now Jenny:ok every body stay here Alicia: Emily where are you going Emily: your not the boss of me I am 14 your 11 Alicia:fine Jenny:Lola where are they kids Lola:I dont know arouded Jenny:arouded babysitting Rule #1 never take your eyes of the kids Aj Bobby Trey Alicia where’s Emily Lola:she’s getting a tattoo Alicia:a Tattoo I say her leveing and I asked her where she’s was going and she told be I am not the boss of her Jenny:Emily are you ok please tell me you did not just get a tattoo Emily:what it’s Henna the guy did it for free cause he liked my aroa cool right Alicia:it’s fine henna comes off my friend Gabrila had henna on her arm for a week at school but afther that it will come off (my friend Gabrila had henna in school for week in real life I put in the story but it happed in my real life) Bobby:Alicia I toght you give the pawn shop guys the candy bar Alicia:oh forget to tell you they want Lola’s camera Lola:my camera Alicia:yes let’s just get out of there oh good we can hang from here ontill it’s safe to come out Jenny:there’s no way out Trey:hey there is a great way out Alicia:wow that change looks so fun I will go down next Lola ok I am doing this Jenny:are you sure this is a good idea Lola:yay people sell tickets all the time Jenny hureup will just be right here by this taco chart Aj:she want a picture of this Alicia:of what Aj:the police Jenny oh no not the police have you seen Lola 19 years old dark hair snapi female cop: yay she’s getting booked Jenny:booked is that like arsed female cop:like yay sit here and will let you know when where do Alicia:this great no just have to sit and wlitle my sister is in jail Bobby: great my cupcakes might be done Aj:I missing the roller derby Trey:I am missing the concert Alicia: don’t its ok Bobby one can just buy store bouget cupcakes Aj the roller derby teams are out there and Trey I still have the ticket Lola never sold it Aj:did you just say the roller derby’s out there Alicia: yay I will go take you out there Jenny:oh there you too are why did you go see the roller derby Alicia:because Bobby said he tought he might not be able to finish is cupcakes by tommer Aj said she was missing the roller derby and Trey said he was missing the concert so I told Bobby to buy store cupcakes I told Trey I had the ticket and I told Aj I would take her here but where is she Aj oh there she is Lola:hang on Aj will savr you Jenny:kids this is not how a resbloe babysitter by haves Alicia:I think we’re at a rap club it’s ok I can stay here and rap you all can go Dj:oh no you anit going no where tell we get the facts (then the hole rap battle happison and we find out Emily called her parents )Alicia oh thouse really even phones with passwords let you call 911 without puting in a code ok prefact we can go to the gala Lola:come on Jenny you cants think you and idea even a little outside the box Jenny:outside the box you just got outside you jail(let’s skip to the part where everyone’s in the gala)Jenny:out good everyone’s in here Emily Trey Alicia watch Katy Aj Bobby where is Bobby Lola:it’s fine just let him be Alicia I can watch him if you want Jenny:ok Alicia you can stay in here and wacth Bobby Alicia:Bobby here now you don’t even have to use to store bought cupcakes you can use this ok now I think we sould go back to wear everyone is now that your done this is everyone was before oh hi Emily Trey Trey:Aj wake up Lola:taxi Jenny: how are we going to get in we dont even have tickets it’s fine just let me headle it ticket guy:give me the camera and I will let you all in Jenny:Lola you cant do that that means to much to you Lola:yes I can Alicia Trey and Emily watch Aj and Bobby and nobody move

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