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This layout guide explains the way all articles of the Pairings category should be displayed in terms of sections and their content. Please follow this layout when creating Pairing pages. This applies to all Pairing pages.

Pairing pages are the relationship between two characters. The title of the page should be the two names of the characters with relationship next to it in paranthesis. For example, the Liv and Joey pairing page would be named "Joey and Liv (relationship)". The names should be ordered alphabetically.


Maddie Rooney and Diggie


Friends/Possible crushes


No rivals

Portrayed by

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan

"Person and Person" the name of the two people should start off the page in bold letters (the most common pairing name should be used). A sentence should continue on from the names explaining their relationship, whether they are friends, siblings, enemies, or romances. A short sentence about where their relationship stands should be given. Also please add the template: Infobox pairing and fill in as much as possible. See the example to the right. Ex:

Other Names

This should be a list of portmanteau names (their names combined together) for the character's relationship. This is often referred to as their pairing names. Please list the names using bullet points and next to each one, in parenthesis, should be the two character names that make up the pairing with a slash separating the part of the name that is included in the pairing name. That part should be bolded. Ex: (M/addie and D/iggie)


This section should explain the history of the relationship between the two characters and it's progression throughout the series. Please separate this section into paragraphs.


This section should give a list about of the important moments between the characters (replace the word "pairing" in the heading with the pairing name). The moments should be separated by episode.


This section should give a list about of the important quotes between the characters (replace the word "pairing" in the heading with the pairing name). The quotes should be separated by episode if necessary (meaning if there are a lot of quotes).



Similarities between the characters.


Differences between the characters.


Facts about the pairing.


Color - The pairing's color goes here.
Object - The pairing's object goes here.
Number - The pairing's number goes here.


Give a link to the gallery.


This is where the references are listed. Everything on the page that cannot be verified without a citation (relationship, trademarks mostly) should be given a reference. In this section all that needs to be put is this template: Reflist. With that there, all of the references listed on the page will automatically appear.


  • Pictures should be scattered about the page to accompany different sections.
  • If something is in need of a citation, please add a citation.