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This wiki has a set of chat policies that must be followed all around the Adventures in Babysitting Wiki for all the users.

Chat Policies

  1. Cursing, profanity, bad/vulgar language is NOT allowed on the chat.
  2. No spamming.
  3. Do not give out personal information.
  4. Do not offend other users.
  5. Do not start fights between users.
  6. Do not start a topic that is completely irrelevant.
  7. Respect others' opinions.
  8. If you see something strange going on, please contact a chat moderator or an admin and tell them about the problem.
  9. No cyber bullying, that means: no name calling, making fun of, bullying and imitating.
  10. Do not offend or hurt other users.
  11. If you'd like to talk on another topic, another than the one that is discussed, please tell the others the nicest way possible.
  12. Always be nice and do not make others feels hurt, sad or guilty.

We expect you to follow these rules, if not, we will have to take some severe actions. In case you have any questions or need some help with these policies, please see an administrator.