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Its Jailer Swift!
—AJ at the police station when she notices her idol
AJ Anderson
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Biographical information
Full Name
Alison J. Anderson
AJ (by everyone)
Alison (by Helen)
2008 (age 8)
Resides In
Highland Park, Los Angeles
Anderson Household
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Hal Anderson (father)
Helen Anderson (mother)
Trey Anderson (brother)
Bobby Anderson (brother)
Roller Derby
Sirens (Roller Derby team)
Jailer Swift-Siren
Production Information
First Appearance
Portrayed By

Alison "AJ" Anderson is one of the main characters in Adventures in Babysitting.

She is portrayed by Madison Horcher.



AJ is independent and she likes to do whatever she wants. She is an avid skater and a roller derby fan.


In the movie she wore her hair in 2 braids, and wears a Sirens uniform, and a roller derby helmet and dollar blades.



Bobby Anderson


Bobby is AJ's brother. Bobby and AJ have a okay brother-sister relationship.

Trey Anderson


Trey is AJ's brother.

Helen Anderson


Helen is AJ's mother.

Hal Anderson


Hal is AJ's father.


Jenny Parker

AJ has been babysat by Jenny in the past.

Lola Perez


AJ is Lola's babysitter and friend. At the beginning of the movie, AJ and Lola didn't seem to get along at all and AJ seems to strongly dislike her. For example, when Lola is trying to knock the door to get into the Andersons' house, AJ opened the door and Lola said, "What's up, dude? You're so cute." and AJ slammed the door at her, while making a disgusted look on her face. However, AJ's mom, Helen, would later on opened that door and let her in. During the time when Lola is babysitting, AJ doesn't seem to like her since she is not being a good and responsible babysitter as shown where Lola said to get her camera from her car to take a picture of the mess that Bobby created (since he started a fire) instead of cleaning up the mess. This leads to AJ telling Jenny about this mess, which caused Jenny, Emily, and Katy to come over to the Andersons' house. As Jenny, Emily, and Katy get to the Andersons' house, Lola got locked out of the house again by AJ, which caused Lola to not be able to get into the house and she ended up being yelled at by Jenny from outside of the Andersons' house to inside of the Andersons' house.

Later on in the movie, AJ and Lola seemed to be getting along, which they eventually became friends at the end of the movie.

Jailer Swift-Siren


Jailer is AJ's idol. AJ have liked to watch her and her team, Sirens, played in the roller derby. AJ originally was supposed to be going to watch the Sirens played against the Belles; however, her father wasn't able to take her there since his wife (aka AJ's mom) need to go to the National Science Foundation to talk about her research there. Because of that, AJ had to end up go and watch the Sirens played next time. However, AJ was able to see Jailer and her team, Sirens, and the team that the Sirens played against (which it is the Belles) at the police station during when Jenny, Emily, Katy, Trey, and Bobby were waiting for Lola to get out of jail. Jailer and her team and the Belles were fighting in the parking lot, which it caused them to go to the police station, which AJ was able to meet her idol. When she met her idol, she came up to her and told her that she had been trying some moves for six months. Then, Jailer told her to show it to her to see what she had gotten so far. When AJ tried to do that, Jailer was impressed, but Jailer told her that she need to work on some moves, which Jailer showed her how you are supposed to do it. After Jailer showed it to her, AJ tried again and she successfully did it, which it made Jailer and the Sirens and the Belles got impressed by that. Later on when Lola got out of the jail, AJ, Jailer, the Sirens, and the Belles took a picture using Lola's camera and then, it caused another fight to start at the police station.


This information is currently unknown.


  • She is the youngest sibling in the Anderson family.
  • She loves roller-skating, roller derby and Jailer Swift.
  • Her full name is Alison Anderson, but everyone calls her AJ for short.


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