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• 11/21/2018

Hey so today I went to marina kids it’s so much fun

It’s a kids club there’s a playground vcr a tv video games it’s a blast the all day pass is 15 dollars and the all day pass for ages 5-12 is 20 dollars the all day pass with one fretd is 20 do ages 1-4 and 25 dollars for ages 5-12 the drop of is only for kids ages 5-12 kids ages 1-4 must have a parent present in onder to play the dorp is 20 dollars per and hour with a maximum of 3 hours ps when you take the poll I know fandom is for ages 13 and up and marina kids is for ages 1-12 just ask a child ages 1-12 you know

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• 11/21/2018

Hey reply it didn’t let me add the poll so I will have to that as a different post

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